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Privacy Statement

Our site finds your privacy valuable, whether you buy products or browse the website. We hope that our practices of privacy follow top online standards and that you agree. This particular privacy policy talks about the type of information that we get, the manner in which we get it and the manner in which we put it to use.

The Information We Collect

For every web page visitor, our server automatically finds out that consumer's particular domain name, though not his email address.

We gather email addresses from people who post things on our bulletin and people who exchange emails with us, and get information from pages that consumers visit or get access to. We get user-specific information from pages that consumers visit or get access to, and from information that the consumer voluntarily give up through website registration and survey information.

Our collected information is put to use for inside reviews before getting discarded yet again. It is used to make the web page content better, to personalize page layout and content for every visitor, and to notify every consumer about website updates. This information is never shared with different organizations.

As for cookies, they are used to keep visitors' session information and preferences.

The Use of Information

If you give us online email addresses, you will merely get the information that you gave us the address for, such as newsletters, receipts, or shipping statuses.

If you give us your address, you will merely get the information that you gave us the address for.

People who give us phone numbers will merely get contacted with information about any orders that were placed online.

Every now and then, we might use this customer information in cases that aren't disclosed in this privacy notice. In future cases of information practice changes, we will mention the changes on the website to let you know about them and give you the chance to leave these uses. In cases of worry about information use, you can check on the website on a regular basis.

Customers can avoid the use of information for other purposes by getting in touch with the number given above, through email in the address provided above, or writing to the address given above.

As for security, we only use encryption technologies that are standard to the industry when sending and getting sensitive consumer information. We also have the proper security measures that are used within physical facilities for protection against changes, losses or misuse of any gathered information on the website.

If this website feels like it isn't following its given information policy, get in touch with us through the phone number or addresses mentioned above.

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