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French Roulette

So what is the difference between French Roulette and the other variations? In essence, the games are relatively the same. You still place bets and you still watch a ball spin around a wheel. In this sense, there is no difference in how the game is played. If that was the case, of course, the name difference would not matter.


Well, there are some differences with this type of Roulette. The first thing you'll notice are the numbers on the table; they are all red. For those who aren't used to this, it can be very confusing. This is merely for looks and does not affect how the game is played in any way. The wheel, on the other hand, does alternate between red and black, just like a standard wheel. This wheel has a single zero slot, much like the European version of Roulette.

While the tables have French writing on them, you can rest assured since most tables have English written right underneath them. Betting on French Roulette is a little different, especially for a person who isn't used to them. Call-bets are the method for placing bets, and the system can be learned if you watch how it is done carefully. Most of the basic betting styles are accommodated for, while there are a few exceptions because of the call bet.

The rules for playing French Roulette are basically the same, except for one exception; La Patrage. La Patrage is a special rule that if the ball falls on a zero, you are awarded half your initial bet. This is a great rule since you don't lose all of your money.

Playing Online

Before the internet was around, people would have to go to great measures to find a game like French Roulette. You would have to scour each casino to see if they offered it, or maybe even take a trip to France to play it first hand. Luckily, those days are gone now, making French Roulette even more accessible.

You can play the French version of Roulette without even leaving the comfort of your own home. You can literally cross the ocean and see how others play the game that you are so used to. It is a great privilege to have the internet allows you to play a game that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Because of the access that is available, it is definitely worth looking for French Roulette. It adds an extra layer of excitement for those who have felt like American Roulette has gotten stale. With a higher chance of winning and the addition of La Patrage, there is no reason why you should hesitate on trying French Roulette.

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