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American Roulette

Although no one is entirely sure of Roulette's origins, the most common story is that it originated in France. The word Roulette actually means "little wheel." The table was designed by the Blanc brothers, which remains unchanged to this day.

The Difference

While the table may not have changed, the rules have changed slightly. American Roulette is different because of the fact that there is a double zero slot. This creates a total of 38 possible slots that the ball can fall into. Although this may seem like just a minor cosmetic change for the observer, this addition actually tips the odds into the house's favor. Here is online casino list.

Playing the Game

Betting can take a wide range of possibilities for players. There are multiple numbers that you can bet on, which leads to a variety of strategies. Some players will bet based on color, such as all black or all red. Others may bet on all odds or all evens, splitting the table in half. Bets can be based off columns as well, allowing players to bet on up to 12 numbers at one. No matter how you bet, you have to make sure that you are confident in your choice. Also, it is important to note that the payout if you win can be different based on what you bet on and how much you bet.


It's hard to define what the best Roulette strategy is. Some players feel like they have a foolproof plan, but the rotation of the wheel affects where the ball will land. There are some systems that people implement when they play, the most popular being the Martingale system.

This theory is rather simple in practice: double your bet every time you lose. The Martingale plays off of the concept that you can't lose forever. Because of this, if you double your bet when you lose, you'll end up making it back up when you win a round. In other words, patience will prevail when you win because you'll make the money you lost back.

So, if you bet $3 and lose, you simply bet $6 the next time. That way, if you win, you'll win your initial $3 back. Of course, if you lose, you must bet $12 the next time you play. This system may be costly, but it will pay off in the end.

The only downside to this system is that some people are limited in their funding, meaning they may run out of money before they win again. As stated earlier, there is no plan that works 100% of the time. Be sure to try out different ones and see what works best for you.

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