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Pole Chudes

Pole Chudes is based on the Wheel of Fortune, meaning that most of the rules and stipulations are the same. The game is played with three players, each of which spins a drum, or wheel, and taking turns to solve a puzzle. One difference between the US versions is the fact that each puzzle is based off of a specific theme, which players are given a clue to beforehand.

Players who are able to correctly guess three letters in one turn are awarded a special bonus that is awarded when the player picks one of two boxes.

The Wheel

The wheel is covered with various symbols and panels. If a player lands on the prize panel, they are given the option to either take 750 points or receive a hidden prize that will take them out of the game.

If a player lands on a + sign, they are able to choose letter that they wish to be revealed, showing every time it is used in the puzzle. A chance panel allows the player to call a random viewer and ask them for help. The person on the phone can also win a prize if they correctly help solve the puzzle.

The bankrupt panel makes a contestant lose all of their points as well as skip a turn. However, if the player hits the panel two times in a row, they are given a special prize. If the player lands on a 0 panel, they immediately lose their turn.

X2 panels multiply the player's score by 2. This panel has had different affects as the show continued to air. Originally, this panel doubled the points every time the player got a letter right. Now, the panel allows a player to earn the score they have repeatedly when they correctly guess a letter.

Players who solve the puzzle before they spin the wheel will receive the highest point value on the wheel for every space that is left blank.

Other Rules

Players drop in and out of the game as it progresses. If a player takes the buy out prize or is unable to solve the puzzle correctly, they are removed from the game. Each round starts with three players, but it can go down to just one player for the final round. If one person makes it to the final round, it does not mean that the win, they are just given three chances to guess the answer.

The winner of the final round is then allowed to use the points they earned to buy prizes. If the player would like, they can play a bonus round that will let them spin a wheel with prizes on it.

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